Advertisers Can Now Create Their Own Twitter Stickers

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Twitter stickers were introduced just a few weeks ago, but they may already be the new way for Twitter to make some money.

According to the company, users are adding stickers to “millions of photos” since their launch, and Twitter is now letting advertisers pay to create their own promoted stickers which users can place on their photos. To make it more exciting for advertisers, those will also always appear first in the list of stickers, encouraging users to use them over the other non-sponsored stickers.

Promoted Twitter stickers are already available for brands as the new ad format kicked off yesterday with a paid activation from Pepsi. The brand launched 8 stickers, with only one being clearly identified as Pepsi with a logo on it. This is a very interesting approach to “brandvertising” in the digital age!

How Promoted Twitter Stickers Work

Twitter is only allowing advertisers to buy stickers in batches of four or eight at a time. Like all Twitter stickers, promoted stickers are searchable so you can tap on them and see what other users are using them for. This is also a handy way for advertisers to check how people respond to their campaign.

So far it says, “Hi, I’m an advertising executive who worked on this Twitter/Pepsi integration.”

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