A Millennial’s Magnetic Influence On LinkedIn

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Millennials are the currently the biggest demographic on social media, and despite what their parents’ generation says about them – complaining that they are entitled and spoiled – millennials ARE the future. They are also some of the biggest consumers today and definitely the biggest demographic entering the workforce. Thus, LinkedIn is big on millennials.

LinkedIn recently conducted a study looking at the use of its platform by millennials… here are some “gold” findings from that study, as presented by Column Five.

There are currently over 2 billion millennials around the world but only around 87 million of them are actually on LinkedIn. However, millennials make up roughly 38% of the professional social network’s users. They are a pretty powerful group. 12% of them (roughly 11 million) are decision-makers. They are also influencers – they influence purchasing decisions, each other, and are influenced by their friends!

Millennials control a buying power of roughly 1 trillion!

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But what do millennials do on LinkedIn? Well, 67% use the platform to find a job that will advance their careers, 60% seek better pay and 51% more challenging work. Yes, you have heard that millennials are easily bored. It seems they also use the platform for networking.

The top job of millennials on LinkedIn is Sales. More than 2.7 million millennials are salespeople on LinkedIn.

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Have a look at the infographic for some more info!


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