A Look Into the Millennial’s Mind [Infographic]

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Millennials are a very important and particular demographic, especially on social media. If we want our messages to reach them, we need to look closely at their mindset. Millennials are very different from previous generations of consumers, as they have lived in a very particular time in history where things have changed so much, so fast. They have witnessed intense conflict, crises, and globalisation – and practically grew up on the internet witnessing it’s rapid expansion. So, what’s on a millennial’s mind?

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This infographic from Adweek, bases it’s main points on research from Pinpoint Market Research and Trendera. It details how millennials consume media, as well as their technological and financial habits, as well as the ways in which they like to be engaged.

Millennials engage with brands on different devices through different channels, and prefer to experience brands rather than just consume them. They are the technology early-adopters that now spend more time on their laptops (42%) than on TV (41%). This is despite the fact that 81% own TVs and 76% own laptops. Digital devices make up the primary way with which they consume media like YouTube videos, music videos, shows, documentaries, or films. On their smartphones, they watch YouTube videos (45%), Facebook videos (39%), and music videos (40%).

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In order to reach millennials, brands need to create great content – thus “content is king”, at least as far as millennials are concerned. They accept and seek out direct relationships with the brands they love, so brands need to understand how to talk to them. Fast. Millennials need brands to be attentive and responsive to their needs. They expect the little money that they spend to go a long way, but also to go to the right place. Millennials support ethical brands that can be authentic.

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Most millennials follow brands on social media (67%) but do so mainly because they are “interested in special offers”. The top three social networks for millennials, are Facebook (39%), Instagram (30%), and Twitter (30%).

Have a look at the infographic for some further info.


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