A Guide to Facebook’s Star Rating System

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Have you noticed that Facebook is testing a star rating system to business Pages? Well, you may have noticed it, heard about it, or perhaps you’ve had clients ask you about it. However it seems that there has been very little written about how it works, and how it can benefit your pages or your business.

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Perhaps it’s Facebook testing a new feature to see how it resonates with businesses, or a broader sign of things to come – something similar to Google’s star-rating system for example. Either way, ratings are becoming a very important part of the customer experience. How often do you rely on ratings to chose where to eat, where to shop, what to buy? It’s definitely something that I do a lot, and I am sure most of you do too. So, it’s obvious that we are relying more and more on Social to get advice or to find out about other people’s experiences.

Either way, the star rating system is here, and for now we will have to learn more about it because if and when it turns into something bigger, we will have to be ready to use it effectively. Here’s a short guide to get you going.

How does it work?

To begin, let’s just go over the basics. It’s a system with which customers can rate a business or brand, and/or their experience with it. It also incorporates the ability to write an actual review if the user so decides. A simple 1-5 star rating can be vague and it’s important sometimes to be able to see a review. It reminded me a lot of what TripAdvisor or Google does already. If you have the functionality on your page you will find it as it appears right under page name.

What can I use it for?

Well, it’s currently available for Facebook Business pages, so you cannot rate your friends, but you would be more inclined to rate restaurants, hotels, shops, cinemas, theatres, etc. and basically any other establishment that has a physical location. Any business page can use the star rating system though. I haven’t seen it on band or musician pages just yet, but that might be something that will either happen in the future, or you simply have to add a location. That would definitely make sense though, right?

Can I use it on my Business Page?

You can only use the star rating system if you add a business street address – one that Facebook actually recognises, that is. Also, your page category needs to be “business-related” whatever that means exactly.

Can reviews be moderated?

At the moment, you can only comment on reviews that have come from people who’s privacy settings are not set to “private”. To do so, simply click “comment” under the review, and submit it. That’s all. For all of those who are worried about inappropriate and abusive reviews, you can report them just like anything else on Facebook. Of course you can also mark some reviews for spam.

Can I remove it? How do I remove it?

Yes you can. Simply remove the address from your business page and uncheck the relevant checkbox in the same place. You can find this in your pages settings.

Not convinced? Well, if anything, you should try it just to support the trend, and I really think you can gain from the functionality in the long run. If you have many pleased customers, wouldn’t you want them to spread a good word? If you do want to use it, simply be prepared to watch reviews closely, answer to negative ones and report abusive ones… I would imaging you are already doing this on your Facebook page anyway… right?

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