A Complete Set of Social Media Colors

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Have you ever needed to know the exact colors Facebook is using? If you have done some web design for social media campaigns, chances you did.

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I have literally found myself digging up colors for a variety of projects, from drawing up an icon and coloring a specific line of text somewhere to providing masks for a new cover photo. How about a nifty one-place for all, instead? So, the next time you want to include a “Join us on Twitter” caption on your cover photo, you might want to use the exact Twitter color. Here are 8 complete color sets for the most popular social platforms out there.

Combine social media colors with the perfect Facebook content dimensions.

1. Facebook

Four (4) color variations for Facebook:


Main / Logo Blue:

HEX: 3b5998

RGB: 59, 89, 152

Schemes & Shades



(High)Light Blue:

HEX: 8b9dc3

RGB: 139, 157, 195

Schemes & Shades



Border / Text Blue:

HEX: dfe3ee

RGB: 223, 227, 238

Schemes & Shades



Background Blue(ish):

HEX: f7f7f7

RGB: 247, 247, 247

Schemes & Shades


2. Twitter

Four (4) color variations for Twitter (one for single-use):


Dark Blue:

HEX: 0084b4

RGB: 0, 132, 180

Schemes & Shades



Logo Blue:

HEX: 00aced

RGB: 0, 172, 237

Schemes & Shades



Background Blue(ish):

HEX: c0deed

RGB: 192, 222, 237

Schemes & Shades



Verified Blue:

HEX: 1dcaff

RGB: 29, 202, 255

Schemes & Shades


3. Google+

Three (3) color variations for Google+ (one is header gray):


Logo (Moderate) Red:

HEX: d34836

RGB: 211, 72, 54

Schemes & Shades



Element Gray:

HEX: 2d2d2d

RGB: 45, 45, 45

Schemes & Shades



Header Gray:

HEX: d2d2d2

RGB: 210, 210, 210

Schemes & Shades


4. Instagram

One (1) main color variation for Instagram:


Logo Blue:

HEX: 517fa4

RGB: 81, 127, 164

Schemes & Shades


5. Pinterest

One (1) main color variation for Pinterest:


Logo Red:

HEX: cb2027

RGB: 203, 32, 39

Schemes & Shades


6. LinkedIn

One (1) main color variation for LinkedIn:


Logo Blue:

HEX: 007bb6

RGB: 0, 123, 182

Schemes & Shades


7. YouTube

One (1) main color variation for YouTube:


Logo Red:

HEX: bb0000

RGB: 187, 0, 0

Schemes & Shades


8. Tumblr

One (1) main color variation for Tumblr:


Logo (Saturated) Blue:

HEX: 32506d

RGB: 50, 80, 109

Schemes & Shades


Finally, you can also try out color variations and different shades using Color Hexa.

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