A Complete Review of Facebook Acquisitions [infographic]

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After its launch back in 2004 and its first years booming from within US universities before opening its platform to all users, Facebook is now boosting its growth through many acquisitions. From innovative apps to competing social platforms, Facebook has spent over $22 billion in acquiring other companies.

The question is: what else could one have done with those $22 billion?

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Well Column Five and Marketo teamed up to look into and compare that $22 billion total to the gross domestic products of several countries, the costs of producing feature films and the value of professional sports franchises. The results are very surprising!

Key Points to Remember

  • WhatsApp was the largest and most expensive acquisition by Facebook
  • Instagram was the first major Facebook acquisition to make the buzz
  • – The amount spent by Facebook for acquisitions could have financed almost 10 times the top 10 blockbusters
  • Facebook acquisitions represent an amount 10 times superior of the value of Manchester United  FC
  • Facebook spent more on acquisitions than the GDP of many countries



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