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A Campaign for Drowning Awareness

by • May 2, 2014 • Creative CampaignsComments Off on A Campaign for Drowning Awareness5643

Social media has such a great impact when it comes to raising awareness about various causes. Earlier this year, we came across a heart-touching campaign for Alzheimer’s disease  and InstaHeartAuction, the world’s first instagram charity campaign.

This time, it’s BBDO and Wanda Digital that created a campaign to raise awareness on increasing numbers of victims of drowning. The campaign was realised for the brand Guy Cotten that specialises in outdoor clothing.

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The video describes the journey of two friends during a sail boat trip that goes awry. From that point on, the struggle for the unfortunate sailman to stay afloat is extremely difficult. Users are asked to try to save the drowning man – and believe us, this requires some skills.

The campaign is available online only. What we really love about this is the the focus is on the message and not on the brand – a common practice that seems to be the trend the past few years.

Have a look at the teaser video below and then move to play your part in the game by clicking here.

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