8 Content Marketing Trends To Watch For 2015

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What are you going to share in 2015?

Awesome content, of course, but this it’s easier said than done. Although your strategy heavily relies on your audience, 2015 comes with a number of generic trends you don’t want to miss. As ever more businesses focus on social for their campaigns, you will only stand out from the crowd if you’re on top of your game.

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This year, content marketing and social media efforts go hand-in-hand, as social networks are feeling the need to monetize their service to turn a cool idea into a (very) profitable business. Up until now, Facebook has been leading the way, providing marketers with cutting-edge targeting options for a reasonable price.

Throughout the past months, we have seen a clear move towards geo-targeting features (teaming up with Foursquare) as well as private chatting. Yes, you can now host group discussions within Twitter and Facebook released the “Group” app to take the conversations out of the public sphere.

It seems trivial, but all these tweaks should be regarded as content marketing opportunities – why don’t you create a Facebook group to tighten the bond with your best fans?
Of course, content marketing is not only down to social media, so make sure you check out the full infographic from CJG Digital Marketing – it’s packed with great tips!

Key Points To Take Away

  • – In 2015, content marketing is all about micro-targeting approach.
  • – 40% of the best content marketing pros say they need to improve their technology.
  • – Successfully implenting automation can boost your conversion rate by 50%.
  • – Only 26% of digital marketers focus on content distribution.
  • – 94% of marketers consider social networks a necessity!

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