It’s 7UP vs The Heat: Here’s How You Tackle Scorching Temperatures

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You know how it goes: When it’s winter, we tend to complain about the cold and the rain. When it’s summer, it’s the heat that takes over our conversations. And when you’re in Latin America, a scorching summer can be the epicentre of all conversations.

There are many ways to combat the heatwaves, but Impero, a London and Buenos Aires based independent social and digital agency, outdid all of them, by creating an experiential campaign, that took over all conversations.

Impero created a custom algorithm that tracked all conversations around warm weather across several Latin American countries, and used the data gathered, to power a ‘social thermometer’. This social thermometer was brought to life through an interactive billboard attached to a container filled with 7Up. Every time the conversations heated up, so did the thermometer, leading to the container to be opened, delivering a refreshing ice cold 7Up to everyone.

To complement the campaign, Impero also produced a series of mobile and social media-friendly videos, showing handy tricks to tackle the heatwave, using – what else? – 7Up cans and bottles. Finally, a dedicated microsite was deployed specifically for the campaign, and along with social conversations around hot weather, made the campaign an instant success.

Alfredo M. Della Savia, LATAM Marketing Manager for 7Up said,

We needed to create a fully customisable campaign so that all our 7Up markets could receive tailor-made solutions to suit the customers’ needs. It’s great to see Impero’s work come to life.

On the strategy, Federico Stier, Impero Managing Director in LATAM stated,

With the mercury known to hit 30°C, or more, in Latin America we needed to come up with an innovative way to keep consumers cool and refreshed. So, what better way to do it than through social thermometers, interactive billboards and off the wall summer heat hacks. We are very excited to be working with 7Up to deliver these tailored solutions to markets.

You can check all campaign videos below

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