7 Types Of Facebook Fans (And How To Make The Most Of Them)

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Not all Facebook fans are equal. ReachLocal recently put together an infographic showing the seven different types of fans that a Facebook page (or any other other social media account) can have:

  1. The Quiet Followers: They like your business and they will eventually interact if your content is really catching. They won’t harm you in any way though.
  2. The Casual Likers: They are connected to your brands and will like your content if it fits what they expect. If you serve them good content, they will share.
  3. The Deal Seekers: They follow you on social media to get the latest news and offers on your products. They are up to date and they help bringing in new sales
  4. The Unhappy Customers: Every business has some. As they are not afraid to share their bad experiences online, they can harm your online reputation. Watch out for them and be ready to respond professionally.
  5. The Ranters: The famous “trolls”. They might not even be customers of your brand. They have strong opinions, sometimes irrelevant with your brand.
  6. The Cheerleaders: They like, comment and share all your posts. They drive community growth and build awareness. Make sure you give them good content to interact with!
  7. The Loyal Fans: They love you and they are ready to fight for you. They will promote your products, your brand to their close ones and they will stand up against anyone trying to bad mouth you without reason.

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