7 Steps For a Successful Twitter Chat

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Using Twitter for your business is great. Organizing a twitter chat is even better! A Twitter chat is a great way to establish yourself or your brand as a leader among your industry. If you do it right, it will also bring you loads of new followers, create a real bond with them and generate tons of great ideas.

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And a Twitter chat is not something difficult to organize. Here is how it generally works: Participants join in by searching for your chat hashtag and then start answering to questions you ask. How you structure your chat is up to you. Some chats have a theme each week and others have a variety of topics they cover. Generally, a Twitter chat session lasts for an hour and is held once a week.

To make sure you get the most out of it, follow these 7 steps, brought to us by Entrepreneur.com:

1. Create the hashtag

The hashtag is how everyone joins in your Twitter chat. Make it as simple, original and concise as possible. Ex: #LinkedInChat or #WeRSMChat. You and your fellow chatters will use this hashtag in every single tweet.

2. Choose a time and date

Determine what time and day of the week would be best. After work? During the workday? What time zone does your industry operate in? Ask your followers what works for them.

3. Promote your chat

Make sure you let everyone know that you launching a chat. Get in touch with your contacts directly and let them know to join in and to tell their followers. Sending direct message reminders a few hours before the chat can help too. And spread the word about your chat on your other social accounts like Facebook, LinkedInInstagram and Tumblr.

4. Ask the questions

Many chat hosts ask roughly five questions in one hour. Will your chat have a theme every week or be collection of random questions? Have these typed up prior to the chat along with your answers. Having your answers prepared will allow you to engage with other participants and retweet. If you’re running out of ideas, ask your followers. They will ask what they want answered.

5. Add photos

If it makes sense for your chat, encourage others to share photos with their answers. This increases retweets, thus exposure. Do not hesitate to be the one providing the first visual material.

6. Approach sponsors

Can you or other companies offer an incentive to participate? (Free product, discount codes, sample subscription). While you don’t want this to be the main draw, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

7. Participate!

Make sure to be active in your own chat. Social media can be very time consuming. A chat is a great way to spend one hour dedicated to engaging with potential clients, friends and sharing ideas.

We’d like to hear from you. Please do share your own experiences joining or organizing a Twitter chat!

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