7 Out of 8 Customer Questions Still Go Unanswered on Social Media

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Anyone who has worked in social media knows how important it is to answer customer questions on social channels. We also all feel very annoyed when we do not receive a reply to our questions. Yet, 7 out of 8 customer questions still go unanswered! Why is this the case, and what can be done to improve things?

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In this day and age, with social media often being the first place that people will go to, to contact a brand, only 1 in 8 questions are actually answered. This is deplorable, yet a reality. Could it be that they are simply not prepared for customer service on social media? What is the case?

The opportunity is ripe for brands to make a greater impact with their customers and, in doing so, gain a competitive advantage.

This infographic from Sprout Social gives us some answers. Main points to take away are the following.

  • – The amount of people who go on social media for customer support is increasing – in fact, it has increased by over 21% in 6 months. However, response rate dropped by 2.5% and response times increased by 4%. It is obvious that brands are finding it difficult to cope with the sheer volume of questions
  • – Some industries are closing the gap between posting and answering – utilities and retail for example – yet brands are posting an average of four times more than they answer their customers.
  • – Companies in the real estate sector are the worst, as they post 11.7 times more promotional material than replies to the public
  • Media and entertainment companies post 8.4 times more posts than replies

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  • – Education has the quickest response time versus the consumer goods and services industries that are 40% slower.
  • – Again, utilities and retail are doing better, replying to roughly 1 in 5 messages… Media and entertainment responds to only 1 in 12!
  • – Brands in Asia receive more than 3 times as many messages that require attention versus brands in Europe, Africa or N. America.
  • – Brands in the Middle East are receiving more messages that require a response versus message overall message volume, which has actually dropped
  • – Yet, the Middle East is the best-performing region with a response rate of 13.1% at the expense of the response time which increased 14%
  • – European companies answer 28% quicker

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Here are some tips in order to improve your customer care on social media

  • – Develop a holistic social customer care strategy (If you care about your customers, fit them into your social strategy)
  • – Equip yourself with the right tools to execute it (Be it software, hardware, or human capital, you WILL need it to succeed)
  • – Actively listen and provide timely answers (Be a good listener!)
  • – Be authentic (This we have repeated many many times!)

Find more information about this topic in the infographic below, thanks to Sprout Social.


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