7 Emotions That Make Your Content “Viral”

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Admit it. You Like, Comment on, Share, Follow things, places and people that “trigger” not only your mind, but also your “heart” or “stomach”(!) – essentially, things that you are emotional about…

Emotion, is the main reason why people tend to Like or something or not, when they see it on their Newsfeed. This is a fact that marketeers need to keep on their mind, if they want their content to be “the talk of the town” or “the talk” at the very least!

Here are the 7 emotions that can generate traffic on your pages, and make your content (and your brand) a “trending topic”:

1. Happiness
There are many unhappy people out there who want to be uplifted by a simple, funny, inspiring and positive image or saying. There is no wonder therefore, that the most shared content includes cats and babies.

2. Surprise
The best scenarios in movies and series, are the ones with unexpected endings or plot twists! Surprise your fans by doing something that they wouldn’t expect! Challenge them, and make them feel part of your surprising content! Look back and remember a surprise birthday party… How did you feel? Offer the same to your audience!

3. Awe
Awe can be described as “a mixed emotion of surprise and fear”. It’s content that can be characterized as remarkable and incredibly awe-inspiring… It’s also something that people can’t resist commenting on. An image of a massive wave, or some world-changing event is an example…

4. Anger
Causing anger among your fans is definitely not recommended. Nevertheless, when you piss people off, they will comment on it, discuss it, and write about it on Facebook, their blogs and their Twitter accounts. Anger could work in your favor if you want to get people riled up about a cause or an important issue.

Only if you do have a really good reason, driven by your Marketing Strategy, should you provoke anger among your audience. Use at your own peril.

5. Fear
We are not talking about sharing Iron Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark”. While that will make heavy metal fans go wild, it may not fare that well for YOUR audience. Fear is one of the biggest motivations for people, because it stems from a worry that they might lose/miss out if they don’t act or react to something, or that they are going to make mistake they were unaware of. Did you know that there is actually a condition called “Fear Of Missing Out”? Yep.

6. Anxiety
Another negative emotion is anxiety. Work on making your audience anxious about something that is about to happen. Excite them, and make sure that they are so anxious about it that they will not want to miss an update. Related to fear, anxiety is more about what is to come in the future. Work on that…

7. Lust
We all know that “sex sells”. Well, that’s what lust is but we’re not only talking about sex. People lust after money, women, men, power and other things as well. I think you all get the picture. It’s human nature after all. Many brands and people will NOT appreciate this approach, so make sure you use it wisely.


So, how do you feel after reading this?


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