6 Tips To Prepare For Your First Twitter Campaign

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Twitter is a powerful tool for advertisers. In the past months it has released a series of updates that offer highly tailored solutions that can satisfy the needs of every business. Twitter has also just released a 3-step tweet promotion feature, that makes its ad platform even more attractive for small or medium businesses.

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That said, it’s clear that Twitter can help you raise awareness and drive sales. Let’s say you are all set with a strategy and content; now it’s time you get started with campaigns. Before you move into that there are few things you should consider. Let’s take them one by one.

1. Know Your Industry

Sometimes the best targeting options are not the obvious ones. Targeting your competitors is a shortcut but definitely not a cheap one. Chances are that your ads will have to compete with those of your competitors and your bid will have to increase. Try techniques such as targeting influential followers of your competition. Twitter gives you the option to target up to 100 users so it’s up to you how deep you want to dive.

So, research well and try to be creative but still keep your mind on your goals. You can use tools like Topsy to analyse trends, influencers, or even keywords and sentiments. Also, do not underestimate Twitter’s Advanced Search.

2. Choose The Right Objective For You

THINK, THINK AND THINK. Think strategically. What are your long and short-term goals? Think of your limitations. For example, when do you want to acquire more followers? Do you have enough content to keep them engaged or will they follow an inactive account? Think of your business’ KPIs and how they can be linked to your Twitter campaign objective.

3. Don’t Overbudget. First We Try, Then We Trust.

Start with a small budget and see how that works for you. The great thing about twitter is you can tweak your campaigns and make changes while they are live. When you’ve done a few successful small campaigns you’ll be confident enough to increase your budget.

4. Have A Clear Call To Action

When you are writing your copy your aim should be clear.  You don’t want to give the user too many clicking options by using hashtags or links unless your goal is to get website clicks.

As for images, research shows that tweets containing images receive double the amount of engagement. My suggestion would be to try 2 creatives of the same tweet. One that includes an image and one that doesn’t. Also, try twitter cards. They are really handy and they have buttons.

5. Try To Be Brief But Not Too Brief

A Twitter ad is like an elevator pitch. You should be able to describe the benefits of your offering in no more than 2 sentences. Start with a question addressing the problem, and then state your value proposition.

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6. Track Your Data

Conversion tracking is a great way of making sure that your campaigns are delivering. Twitter creates the pixel automatically. All you have to do is place it on your website. You can see more details here.

Theodore Mentzelopoulos is the co-founder and Creative Director of Antiglam Conspiracy. He currently works for Interoute where he handles Online Research and Social Media. You can talk to him about design thinking, weird marketing strategies and colorful socks.

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