6 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Traffic Without Spending a Dime

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Facebook can be a tremendous resource when it comes to generating free traffic to your website. And the good news is that you can grow your community without spending a dime on Ads!

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By creating an active presence, posting engaging content and providing value you can grow a social community that contributes to the positive growth of your business and brand.

Facebook Traffic Tip #1: Know Your Content

Get familiar with your Facebook Page Insights and analytics to see what content is popular with your fans and driving the most Facebook traffic back to your site.

What types of content get the most likes, comments and shares? Does your audience respond to photos, branded images, quotes, videos, promotional offers? Knowing the types of content your fans like the most will allow you to create a Facebook marketing plan that is effective for growing your fans, leads and subscribers.

Facebook Traffic Tip #2: Post Engaging Content

When you know what’s working on your page – do more of it! Content is KING on Facebook. Make sure your content stands out, gives value and draws people’s attention. You want to make it easy for your fans and followers to engage!

Facebook Traffic Tip #3: Post At Optimal Times

The evening is the best time to post, particularly around 8 pm, but this varies based on industry. Pay attention to when your fans are most active and determine which times of day are optimal for your target audience.

Facebook Traffic Tip #4: Post On Optimal Days

Research shows Saturday and Sunday are the best times to post. People generally have more free time on the weekends to catch up with their Facebook friends. Plus, because very few brands post on the weekends, there’s less competition in the news feed!

Facebook Traffic Tip #5: Use Email

If you have an email list – which all brands doing business online should make sure to integrate social sharing buttons in your email newsletters. Also make sure to add links to Facebook updates that allow your subscribers to further connect with you on your Page and  become fans.

Facebook Traffic Tip #6: Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest IS one of the hottest social networks on the web right now. You can create more reach for your Facebook Page photos by reposting them on Pinterest and adding a link back to the page update within the caption. You will also want to add the Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Page.

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