6 Reasons Why You Need A Content Calendar

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A great social media marketing plan is nothing without the right content to support it. And we all know that is no easy feat, firstly because creating content is very time-consuming and expensive, and secondly because it should be disseminated correctly between your channels in order to work properly.

You will need to create a great posting strategy which is scheduled strategically. This is where a content calendar comes in handy.

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A content calendar helps us in many ways. From being able to get a “bird’s eye” view of the content we have already posted, or the content that will be posted in the near future, to assessing the effectiveness of one post versus another, a content calendar is a great visual representation of your content strategy. It should help you allocate your resources, plan, and measure your creation or curation efforts.

So, how should it look? Well, I think it’s a personal thing for anyone to decide, but here’s an example that I created for you to use.

Download your template – Social Media Content Calendar Template

As you can see, I have created a simple spreadsheet with a weekly plan on three separate worksheets. You can add to these to fill up the entire month at a time. There are columns representing time posted, post type, post author, and one for each channel that you choose to use (i.e Facebook or Twitter, or Instagram, etc).

Each post type should also get its own row with all relevant information filled out per channel. You can also add a KPIs column at the end of each day, to judge which content fared better and on which channel.

You could conceivably make this plan much more complex and add equations to measure any information you need to keep track of. It’s up to you.

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Why Is A Content Calendar Important?

  1. It helps you know what is going well and what is not, highlighting inconsistencies along the way.
  2. It will help you remember important dates and how to plan for them.
  3. Planning ahead in order to allocate resources better and get consistent quality.
  4. Helps to share information internally, making process smoother – also receive feedback
  5. It will help you know where to throw your weight“when was the last time I posted on Twitter? Maybe I post to often on Facebook?”
  6. Helps you create and stick to deadlines. Editors will know when to expect, and copywriters will know when to deliver!
Download your template – Social Media Content Calendar Template

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