The 6 Best Mindfulness Apps For Every Type Of Digital Creative

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New year, new you. But to be a new you, some “system” maintenance is much needed. Here are the best mindfulness apps to reach your best 2.0 version.

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s on your resolutions list? I’m sure you’re still working on it so let’s skip the details: reaching your full potential. That is all about, isn’t it? You can go on and on, bullet after bullet but if you’re not centred, not in tune with your own person, all this manifestation can’t come to fruition, can it? No matter how you approach your everyday life, be sure of one thing and one thing only: there’s an app out there for all of you digital rascals, as long as you’re ready to pull up your sleeves and carve out some precious time. It will pay up big time – and you’ll have fun in the meantime, be sure of that!

Pacifica: For the closeted Type A ones

Oh we know, we know. Perfectionism is not a great colour on anybody and you’re almost crippled by your own instincts for excellence? Enter Pacifica. This beautifully designed app fights anxiety by combining CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with relaxation techniques. With ample features, such as mood tracking and history, daily goals and thought diary, this app takes up the most well-deserved space on your phone. Available on iOS, Android and Web


Happify: For the emotionally sharing ones

You’re out of tune with your feelings and you seek a way to block out the negative emotions. Happify is on a mission to brighten your days and teach you how to recognise what your inside is telling you. Science-based activities enable your “happiness” chip and track your progress, while you conquer your negative side without even sweating it.
Available on iOs and Android

H*nest Meditation: For the filthy-mouthed ones

Did you know that cursing is associated with better vocabulary and higher pain tolerance? With H*nest Meditation, now it’s linked to a calm life. A guided meditation like no other, speaks to you in a real way and most importantly, cuts the crap when you most need it. And that is invaluably liberating.
Available on iOS and Android

Breath of Light: For the eternal gamer ones

If you reckon that there is no reality in which a game can calm you down and shake off the stress, then it’s time for a check. Breath of Light is one of the most beautifully, enchantingly designed puzzle games featuring water lilies with a trail of molecular light. Your mission is to guide the energy through a mystic garden while listening to a hypnotic soundtrack. Can you think anything better than that?
Available on iOS and Android

Pause: For the hands-on ones

If sitting and pondering is not your thing really, Pause will make you manually involved with your meditation. According to the app, it is based on the ancient principles of Tai Chi and with the use of your fingertip you start tracking your journey to relaxation on screen. The colours are super pretty too!
Available on iOS and Android


HelloMind: For the helpless pattern-loving ones

A re-introduction to your own mind and a fresh start as if your behavioural patterns never existed. Well, almost never. You’ll need to recognise your old ways to trace new ones, am I right? HelloMind, with the super easy and super colour-of-the-year ready UI, wants you to break free of your habits whether that is a craving, a habit, a fear. A series of 10 30-minute-long treatments await for you at the beginning of the rainbow. At the end of it, there’s the updated joy of life.
Available on iOS. Soon on Android

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