5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Attract and Engage Consumers

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Love it or hate it, Pinterest is here to stay. Since its inception, I have listened to business owners and marketers alike challenge the validity of this social site. Whether it is their inability to create a marketing strategy around Pinterest or simply a lack of time in implementing a newsocial strategy, the push back has been fierce.

But that tide is turning.

With over 70 million users, Pinterest remains the fastest growing single social network and a force that most business professionals can no longer overlook.

A social network devoted to providing a rich visual experience, it is in the smart marketers secret weapon.

So how can you begin to use Pinterest to attract and engage consumers? Check out my top five ways to help you get started today!

  1. Promotions

pinterest promotion exampleYou can pin promotions or sweepstakes to your boards and reward those who follow you on Pinterest. This can be a specific Pinterest promotion or a sweepstakes on another social network that you want to cross-promote.

A very popular Pinterest promotion is the “Pin it To Win It” that many businesses and brands have taken advantage of. Consider a few things before embarking on your first campaign:

  • Time of the year – make your promotion specific to the season
  • Your consumer’s top likes, shares, repins – what content do your fans and followers love across your current social networks? Consider this as you determine what your first campaign will include.

You also want to review the Pinterest promotion guidelines prior to launch.

The goal behind this makes sure that whoever follows you on this platform will get product updates, product tutorials and corporate events that promote growth of your business.

  2. Success Stories

Pinterest is a great platform for sharing stories about or from satisfied and happy customers. Pin testimonials from your website or Yelp reviews to offer potential customers a glimpse into your transaction, service and product.

A third-party recommendation goes a long way towards building trust. Build a board specifically designed to share customer experiences about and around your business.

  3. Link Pinterest with Facebook Timeline

Cross-promotion is key when working with multiple social networks. Leverage Facebook by integrating Pinterest into your page.

Your Facebook fans will then be able to access your pins right on your page and interact with those pins without leaving Facebook. There are several apps that allow you to do this, but my favorite is Woobox.

pinterest facebook application

  4. Pin Videos, Tutorials and Webinars

pinterest videoOne of the best ways to explain to potential customers what your products or services are all about is by using the power of video. One of my absolute favorite uses of video comes from Marie Forleo. Her fun, spunky and always engaging personality draws me in and keeps me clamoring for more. Using Pinterest, she is now able to reach an even larger fan base and access the world of repinning virality.

You can use video as a training or tutorial tool to:

  • Teach customers how to use a product, a specific tool within their business or even how to make your latest recipe.

Consumers are visual and are eager to put a face to the business.  A visual connection is very important, especially in today’s online world.

  5. Feedback Forum

There’s a certain magic found in asking for customer feedback. Often it is unsolicited and results in a negative response. Instead, provide a forum for consumers to discuss their thoughts, feelings and experiences about your company.

This is a great way to analyze market perception and use feedback to improve your products by incorporating customer sentiment. It also ensures that you keep existing customers happy by proving that you are listening to their needs and constantly working to meet them in real-time.


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