5 Ways To Maximize Your Pinterest Impact With the Right Visuals

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P interest is a social network that you shouldn’t ignore, especially if your business has visual content to share. With images already conquering social media, Pinterest has become a very popular choice for marketers, due to its appealing visual design. How do you increase your impact though by the time you join?

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Keep pinning (and repining)

The quantity and frequency of your pins defines your reach and increases your possibilities to expand your followers. Make sure you use Pinterest several times during the week, either with new content, or repins. Don’t forget that 80% of the existing pins on Pinterest derive from repins. Thus, don’t underestimate the importance of curating interesting content from others (without ignoring your own one!)

Focus on the quality

Since Pinterest is all about images, you should always focus on the quality and the proper optimisation of your pictures. For example, make sure your pictures are not of low resolution and that they are following Pinterest’s guidelines. Tip: There is a preference on vertical pins, since Pinterest doesn’t have any limitations on their dimensions, comparing to the horizontal ones. Just like that, your message will ‘reserve’ more space, comparing to the rest.

Stand out from the crowd

Be creative, try to come up with ideas that will capture your followers’ attention. Repinning may be common on Pinterest, but you still need to create content that will urge your followers to repin it. What’s more, it’s important to tweak your image for SEO reasons, by adding description, using hashtags and adding a link to your site. It’s not just about creating great visuals if you can’t redirect your followers back to your site, right?

Learn your audience

It’s a good idea to keep in mind your ideal customers and learn more about their habits and preferences. For example, 80% of Pinterest users are females and the most popular topics are usually related to recipes, DIY and shopping. Also, don’t forget to keep your boards organized, in order to allow your followers to discover more content, or maybe find exactly what they’re looking for.

Create your own impressive graphics

Ok, you’ve read the 4 tips above, and you’re ready to leverage your Pinterest presence, but you suddenly realise that you don’t know how to create visually appealing content, or even great infographics. Don’t worry, there are sites out there that will do this process easier for you. If you want to create graphics in general, then canva.com is a good suggestion to start with. If you want to experiment with infographics, you can try out visual.ly, , piktochart.com, or easel.ly. Finally, if you like creating visually appealing picture quotes, you can check quozio.com, pinstamatic.com and pinwords.com.

Do you have any other suggestions for tips or resources to share with us?

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