5 Ways to Introduce and Boost your Brand on Snapchat

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Developed by Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy, SnapChat was once popular among the young folks as a sexting application, now to have evolved into a multi-billion dollar company that manages 400 million snaps per day.

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At its core, the social app is a place where everyone can go wild – from pure creativity to brutal honesty. SnapChat‘s audience consists of young folks aged 13 to 25 and is considered as a promised land of multiple opportunities to help attract this younger audience into your brand’s family.

The infographic below, courtesy of Marketo, can help you harness the disappearing power of snaps, from coupons, behind the scenes, hide’n’seek to insta-offers, ultimately paving the way for you to introduce and boost your brand on the social app.


Are you ready to snap?

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