5 Ways Brands Should React To The Facebook NewsFeed Update

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Facebook announced a new update to the newsfeed, giving more control to the users, allowing them to actually pick what they like to see on the top of their feeds, whether it’s a friend or a Page. It’s all about prioritization, enhancing the unique Facebook experience for every single user.

According to the announcement, users are now able to manually select the users and Pages they wish to see first, while they are also able to follow or unfollow friends and Pages, or even discover new ones that are closer to their interests. Although these changes sound ideal from the user’s perspective, many brands were wondering how this affects their Facebook presence. Is this the end of their (dropping) organic reach?

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In fact, Facebook is not punishing brands, but it rather changes the ‘rules’ when it comes to their Facebook marketing strategy, encouraging them to be more social and engaging than ever. Remember, Facebook gives more control to the user, so all you have to do is keep them coming to your Page.

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How to take advantage of the latest news feed changes? Here are a five techniques.

Stay Authentic

It’s more important than ever to stay true to your brand’s values, maintaining your authenticity. After all, that’s the reason why your fans keep liking your posts!

Be Creative

A change requires flexibility, so it’s time to reconsider your posting habits, trying out new ideas, only keeping what works best for your brand. Don’t be afraid to mix it up until you find the right formula!

Choose Quality Over Quantity

It’s great that some users won’t miss a single story from your brand, but this also means that you need to make sure they don’t get overwhelmed from your content. As long as your content is appealing (and engaging), there’s no need to post many times during the day to maintain your reach. Quality always wins over quantity!

Focus On The Users

Facebook is giving more power to the user, which means that you need to act accordingly. Focus on your audience and allow them to decide on their own whether they want to prioritise your brand, or not. Of course, you can still create such an amazing content that they will still pick to follow your brand’s stories!

Rise To The Challenge

Facebook created a new challenge for marketers and brands. Now it’s up to you to rise to that challenge and find a way to beat (once again) the Facebook news feed algorithm and boost your brand’s Facebook presence. At least, until the next Facebook change!

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It’s not always easy to keep up with all the Facebook changes, but if you really care about your brand’s Facebook presence, you need to be informed about every single change, providing the best possible content for your audience at the best possible way!

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