5 Things To Fix On Your New Facebook Page Layout

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The new Facebook Page design is here and after reviewing the changes that affected our Pages, it’s time to take care of anything that might harm their look.

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Let’s create a to-do list with what we need to fix on our updated Facebook Pages!

1) Check Your Cover Photo

Now that the name and the category of your Page appears within your cover photo, you might need to change your current cover, in case it is ‘too white’ to show the name of your page appropriately. Don’t worry, the dimensions haven’t changed.


2) Pick Your Top Tabs

With the top tabs turning into text, it’s time to pick the most important ones that you choose to display. Click on ‘More’ and manage the tabs and their order.

3) Review Your Information

With the left column that displays your information next to your posts, it’s essential to review anything that concerns your Page, from your URL to your actual address, in order to ensure that everything is up-to-date.

4) Add ‘Pages to Watch’

If you still haven’t used the feature ‘Pages to Watch’, then it might be a good idea to do it now, along with all the other changes. It’s useful to keep an eye at your competitors, right?

To select ‘Pages to Watch” go to your page insights tab.


5) Check Your Tab Icons

Except for the top tabs that appear as text, you can also find your tabs on the left column, as shown with their own icons. This means that their images need to be visually attractive, since they are now placed at the centre of attention on your page.

As you understand, with just a few tips your Page might improve visually, with your information also being more accessible than ever to your audience. All you have to do now is give your fans a reason to actually visit your Page and posts by creating engaging content!

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