5 TED Talks To Boost Your Creativity

by • September 5, 2017 • Experts TalkComments Off on 5 TED Talks To Boost Your Creativity4377

Can you think of anything better than a few great TED talks to inspire you and boost your creativity? We couldn’t, so we selected 5 of the most inspiring for you.

Being a social media marketer means being a strategist, a creative, a content producer, an analyst and sometimes even more. It can be hard to stay on top of your creative game. So we decided to give you a little boost.

Each of these 5 TED talks features a great creative mind: a film director and screenwriter, an internationally recognised sculptor, a visual effects superstar, an author and story writer, and a world-acclaimed designer.

Andrew Stanton: The Clues To A Great Story

Janet Echelman: Taking Imagination Seriously

Rob Legato: The Art Of Creating Awe

Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative Genius

Philippe Starck: Design And Destiny

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