5 Insights On Twitter’s Character Count From Our #WeRSMChat

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It’s happening people! As I’m writing this, Twitter has just announced that photos, videos, GIFs, polls and Quote Tweets no longer count towards the 140-character limit. 

The change was announced last week so we decided that the next #WeRSMChat would discuss the ramifications that the update could have for Twitter, its users, and us marketers. Read on for the crunchiest bits of last Sunday’s session!

1. The update will allow users to express more…

…without killing the “core” of its product. The move is a clever one, because it’s one that many were craving. Some, however, appreciated the fact that a shorter character-count forced marketers to be more creative, in order to get their message across.

2. Marketers rejoice! The new update will give greater context to your message.

Users should expect more visual content going forward – photos, GIFs, and videos – as brands and individuals alike seek to express more. They will also use imagery to deepen the emotional connection with people they interact with.

3. From Twitter’s point of view, unleashing the full potential of the 140 characters will certainly pay off.

However, many have expressed their doubts with regards to users who gave Twitter a try, but left. These folks are hanging out elsewhere, and a small update will not be enough to bring them back.

4. Speculations run high as to what Twitter should do to grow but a deeper interactivity with TV is advocated.

Nobody denies Twitter‘s potential, yet its user base has been stalling for quite some time, and Twitter seems to be at a crossroads – where does Jack want to steer his ship?

5. Twitter fails to innovate as fast as other social networks. Possibilities are endless though.

Hope you’re looking, Twitter! We did the hard work for you, and came up with truly great updates for you to implement. Get cracking!



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