5 Insights On Using Facebook Groups For Marketing From Our #WeRSMChat

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Facebook Groups! Every marketer knows they’re here, yet few use them as a way to build their community. In our latest edition of #WeRSMChat, we tried to do them justice by reviewing how they can be used to achieve marketing results. 

Did you know that Facebook Groups have more than a billion monthly active users? Now you do. The truth is that Groups can be a valuable addition to a marketer’s set of platforms (as if there weren’t enough). However, Groups must serve a particular purpose – narrower than a Page. The opportunities provided by Groups are many, yet marketers must strike the right balance in order to keep members active, while ensuring no spammy content is shared. That’s a task and a half.

Read on for the best tweets from last Sunday’s edition of #WeRSMChat. 

1)  Everyone uses Facebook Groups in one way or another.

And that’s great news for us: should marketers launch a Group, users are already accustomed to its design and functionality.

2) Groups can be powerful marketing assets

In case you didn’t know, members receive a notification every time someone posts in the Group – that’s one way to counter the decline of organic reach on Pages! For a Group to work though, inviting the right members is the most important step: Spend some time on it.

3) Building communities through Groups isn’t a walk in the park

Like anything digital marketers set about to do, starting a Group and getting it right can be an uphill battle if no significant planning has been carried out. Remember that on social media, people have the power – not brands.


4) Do not confuse Groups and Pages.

You would be missing the point! Groups and Pages have very little in common.

5) Groups are not suited for marketers (yet).

But with the introduction of insights and other marketer-friendly tools, that may very well change.

Are you managing a successful Facebook Group? Are you an active member of one? Let us know in the comments what you like and dislike about them.

We’re always thrilled to exchange ideas with some of the brightest minds in social media marketing. Join us this Sunday at 8pm GMT+1 for our next #WeRSMChat. If a particular topic tickles your fancy, send your suggestion using the hashtag!

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