5 Insights On “Twitter-Google” Rumours From Our Latest #WeRSMChat

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Rumours have it that Google is on the verge of acquiring Twitter. The deal is not done yet – and may not actually happen – but we atestike to stay on top of things. So in the latest edition of #WeRSMChat, we discussed the implications of  a deal between the two tech giants.

If the deal is sealed, Twitter as a platform could change drastically, probably for the best. More importantly, it would mean that Twitter will be here to stay, and Google would be a powerful guarantor of that. This is certainly something that shareholders will welcome warmly.

Missed the chat? Not to worry, we have your back!

1) Google buying Twitter may be a rumour, but one that makes sense.

2) Buying Twitter would secure Google – sorry, Alphabet – a firm footing in the social media space.


3) A Backing from Google would be a huge boost to Twitter.

4) Google and Twitter features would be combined to offer more powerful targeting.

5) Twitter’s true monetary worth is a real mystery.

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook $19 billion.

Good try Jeanette. Good try.

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