5 Insights On Social Selling From Our Last #WeRSMChat

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On Sunday, we welcomed our very own Simona – aka “your supplier of epic Friday goodness” – to talk about “social selling”. Since she’s one of the speakers for our upcoming Beat The Buzz Nights event (few tickets left, so grab one fast!), our tweetchat was solid practice before the big day.

Simona was excited, I was excited, and so was Willie. Look at his blossoming face:

Okay, enough with the fluff. Social selling is serious business, and is already thought to be one of the very few marketing techniques that will determine whether companies thrive, stay afloat, or even die out in a not-too-distant future. As always, you guys came up with some brilliant answers. These are summarised below. Off we go!

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1. Social Selling Is A Long-Term Commitment

Marketers are often pressured to show immediate ROI, but social selling can also be referred to as the process of building meaningful relationships with stakeholders. There’s no shortcut. It takes time.


2. It’s All About Knowing Your Audience

Everything starts with the people marketers are trying to talk to (not at). Inform your social selling strategy with data, but don’t forget that at the end of the day, it’s all about that (cheese alert!) human-to-human relationship.

3. Keep Expectations Low In The Short-Term – Prove The ROI Over Time

If social selling was utterly straightforward, we wouldn’t even talk about it. As a long-term marketing technique, short-term results can be disheartening.

4. All Social Networks Can Be Put To Good Use For Social Selling

As long as content is relevant to the audience, every venue is a good one for social selling.


5. Social Selling Techniques Will Need To Be Adapted To Upcoming Technologies

Like VR for example. There’s no real and widespread application for it just yet, but theres on doubt it will be one technology not to overlook for marketers.

But all you really need to know, is this:

See what I did there? Good read, right?! Some (read ‘one of us’) even left in tears:

Join us on Sunday!

This Sunday, our special guest will be Michael Kaltenhauser of Astronaut China, live from Beijing! Be there!

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