5 Insights On Social Messaging Marketing From Our Latest #WeRSMChat

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This week’s #WeRSMChat was all about Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger! Yes, Facebook’s two messaging apps are set to be big money-making machines in the near future, so we discussed how marketers could put them to good use. 

We changed the format up a bit, so from now on we will no longer have our Wednesday interviewee as co-host. But that didn’t put a stop to everyone’s enthusiasm towards our now regular Sunday meeting. We asked for your five questions on how messaging apps could be a valuable addition to the marketers arsenal. Here’s what you answered.

1. Messaging Apps Are Inching Closer To Becoming A Fully-fledged Business Tool.

And it’s only the beginning. Keep an eye out for the updates that will continue to take place. Early adopters could very well build competitive advantage through messaging apps – fast.

2. Facebook Wants To Pioneer Messaging App Marketing…

… and it is pushing messaging app adoption rather aggressively. Remember, users had no choice but to download the Messenger app. It really is an investment: if user-behaviour shows that people are buying the idea, it will keep users on their platform. Clever.

3. Whatsapp And/Or Messenger Could Become Customer Service Channels…

and steal Twitter’s spotlight. To this day, we spontaneously turn to the blue bird for customer queries – Facebook might want a slice of that cake.

4. ‘Messenger Marketing’ Or ‘Whatsapp Marketing’ May Become Buzzwords.

But some of us disagreed, as messaging app marketing is (not yet) here to stay.

5. Some Obvious Business Applications Can Be Quickly Implemented.

It’s still early days after all, and as always, some brands will stand out for out-of-the-box thinking (BUZZWORD ALERT) in implementing Whatsapp & Messenger in brand new and innovative ways.

Join Us Next Week!

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