5 Insights On Employee Advocacy From #WeRSMChat

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Sunday rhymes with #WeRSMChat! Ok, not quite, but I’ve been told I need to start my article with a bang. I tried.

On Sunday we had yet another brilliant Twitter chat with our guest of the week, Dan Rae – Head of Social Media at PSONA Social. After talking Instagram Stories, Reach vs. Engagement and YouTube Marketing during previous chats, the topic of the day was Employee Advocacy! 

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1. Employee Advocacy Is Genuine And Authentic

First, we asked you why Employee Advocacy is so key. Employee Advocacy is the way forward, as it distributes content through employee endorsement. Compare it to native advertising if you will.

2. Give Your Employees A Reason To Share More

Then, we asked you how businesses can turn their employees into brand advocates. In short, you answered that to turn employees into active brand advocates, managers need to provide appropriate training, guidance and monitoring.

3. Employees Should Volunteer And Be In For The Long Run

Can all employees become brand advocates? All employees can’t be brand advocates. Managers should carefully identify volunteers in the hope that they will convert others.

4. Show The Way And Lead By Example

How can managers encourage their teams to join a brand advocacy program? When it comes to implementing employee advocacy programs, managers should set the example for the rest of the company.

5. Employee Advocacy Will Help Generate Consumer Advocacy

Everything starts with employees. After all, they are companies’ internal clients, and to start publicly endorsing their employer, they need to adhere to the culture and vision.

Finally, we asked Dan when would employee advocacy become mainstream. Here is what he answered:

Remember to add #WeRSMChat to your diaries, this Sunday at 8pm GMT+1. Our next guest will be Cat Davis, Chief Growth Officer at Cheil UK!

If you would like to attend, you can leave your Twitter handle in the comments below, and we will make sure to send you a nudge shortly before kickoff. Have a lovely week!


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