5 Insights On Using Branded Hashtags From Our #WeRSMChat

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On Sunday, #WeRSMChat returned for its latest edition – this time about something that every brand and agency uses. Sometimes too often though. #hashtags.

If you missed it, see you this Sunday! Here are some of the best answers to the series of 5 questions that we asked you this week:

1. No, not every business needs a dedicated hashtag.

Hashtags are like everything on social: they have to be valuable, and serve a purpose.

2. The best hashtags connect consumers with the brand through user-generated content.

That connection is made possible when consumers’ personal values align with what the brand stands for. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see inspirational and lifestyle campaigns being mentioned.

3. When creating a hashtag, look out for length and spellings.

Because we all remember that Susan Boyle hashtag fail.

4.Protecting a hashtag is a big social no-no.

And that tweet is pretty powerful so there’s no need for more:

5. Make it easy for users to join the hashtag.

And if that’s not enough, don’t hesitate to send a little nudge.

That was it peeps! Of course, do not miss this Sunday’s edition of our weekly Tweetchat – if there’s any topic you would like to discuss, send your suggestions over using #WeRSMChat and we’ll be in touch!

Until then!

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