5 Ideas to Integrate Social Media Into Big Events

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Nowadays you cannot afford to organize your big event without incorporating social media. In fact, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or LinkedIn is now a proven technique to raise awareness, drive signups and engage with the participants.

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This great infographic from Neomobile will show you a few tips and tricks for integrating social media into your big event and make sure you offer this little extra your participants will remember you for.

Let’s review how you can use social media to promote and support your event in a manner that is both cost effective and efficient, often with remarkable results.

Key points to remember:

  • – Introduce your participants to your social media activities
  • – Create a dedicated hashtag and promote it among your audience
  • – Engage with participants even before the event
  • Broadcast your social platforms everywhere during the event
  • – Let participants ask you anything and use social media as your best customer service platform


The featured image shows how event coordinators of a Cisco conference in Orlando used social media to get feedback from the attendees. Dedicated staff members had been designated to monitor and respond to all posts from attendees.

When is the last time you went to an event that did not include social media activities?

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