5 Characteristics of A Great Social Media Policy

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As the use of social media becomes a major part of our working and personal lives, it has become clear that they are here to stay, and companies have to now forget about banning their use.

Employees are using social media at work, whether it’s from their smartphones or other mobile devices. With wearables slowly catching on, social media is becoming a 24-hour deal. It’s time companies start managing how they expect their employees to use social media, what is acceptable and what is not. Enter, the social media policy.

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A social media policy is very important for any business that wants to be “social” or encourage employee advocacy in any shape or form. But how does one go about creating a social media policy and what should it look like?


Here are the top 5 characteristics that I would consider very necessary.

1. It Should Be Simple

A social media policy is something that should be easily understood by everyone in your company. It can be very short or slightly more wordy, including a lot more detailed information and guidance. In any case, it should contain a summary, providing easy steps that all employees can follow in their day-to-day social activities. Concepts should de defined if necessary, but you need something clear and concise to start with.

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2. It Should Align With Company Culture

If you have spent a lot of time and effort on creating an awesome company culture, the last thing you need is a policy that could kill it.

If your company is more conservative, your social media policy could be stricter, but not overstep your company culture. However, it should always consider and address issues that the company feels strongly about, making clear what is acceptable and what is not. You should draw clear lines that should not be crossed. If your company culture is suffering, the last thing employees are going to adhere to is a social media policy.

3. It Should Empower Employees

Allow your employees to speak out. You should always respect your employees’ rights to free speech, or their ability to discuss issues that are important to them. Local cultural characteristics exist if your company has offices in various countries, but you need to have a consistent approach across the company. A social media policy is a guidance tool, and should manage, rather than limit. A simple, clear and fair policy ensures that people don’t feel violated in any way.

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4. It Should Seek To Help

Make your social media policy useful. Train your employees and teach them things that will get them ahead in the game. The more they know, the better they use the tools that you are encouraging them to. Get them excited about your initiatives, not because they you’re forcing them to, but because they will actually help them.

5. It Should Be Legal

If you are expecting to get away with limiting your employees legal rights, forget it. The last thing you need is to be entangled in legal proceedings because of something you could have easily avoided by being more reasonable. Local laws should also be respected. I would think this is obvious to all.

That’s it with my list of top 5 characteristics of a great social media policy for your company. Can you think of any to add?

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