4 Ways In Which Brands Can Appeal to Millennials on Social Media [Slideshare]

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Generation Y. Millennials? The most internet and social media savvy generation in history (not that the internet has been around for very long). A group of young adults who were born in the early 80’s and grew up mainly in the 90s during the time that the internet first appeared. They make up most of Facebook today and most use the internet for their entertainment.

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Furthermore they are a generation who aren’t particularly loyal to brands, and they don’t like too much marketing bombardment… But how does one reach Millenials. What makes them “tick”?

Here’s an awesome slideshare from Render Positive, that shows you four ways brands and businesses can reach Millenials in their natural habitat – online, on Social media… ;-)

Key Points To Take Away

  • Millennials care about money and want to be rewarded. Do not be afraid to engage them in promotions and competitions.
  • – Don’t bombard millennials with constant updates. Go with content they can relate to.
  • – Respect their privacy. Avoid social sign-in if you want them to use your app or website.
  • Don’t leave their questions unanswered. They appreciate your response, even if they do not provide them with a solution.

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