4 Tools To Save You When Your Graphic Designer Is Away

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The day was going so well until it turned out there was some news to put on your companies feeds and Brian the Graphic Designer was on annual leave…

And posts without images are pretty bland, right?

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No matter what happens (to your graphic designer), it’s important to keep your Social Media buzzing. And, as you probably already know, the world agrees images are key to engagement, right?

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But worry not, here are four amazing tools to help you post great images easily:


I’m sure PicMonkey should be giving me some shares by now because I recommend this site to EVERYONE. It is amazing for collages, fonts, banners and has great features to make original looking content. You can add your layers and logos easily or select one of their many pre-made styles! Oh, did I mention you can also ‘blemish fix’ your spots in the makeup section?


Canva is PicMonkeys minimalist little sister. Less selection but a handy ‘drag and drop’ style to editing that makes this great for beginners creating: invites, social media content, posters…It is so simple to use and has a wide range of great layouts. Apparently they have some great new features out this year too!


Pexels is a varied and high-quality free photo site. It is a searchable database of CC0 images (no restriction under copyright or database law.) Like the image in this post? Guess where it’s from…

Other similar great sites are Pixabay and Unsplash.

Share as Image

As a lover of Chrome extensions, this one is heaven! With ‘Share As Image’ you just highlight text on your page, click the icon and it transforms your text into a simple, slightly editable image. If you find a photo you want to add text too, just click right and voila!

User Tip: you may need to crop the nasty logo they add to the bottom. Otherwise, great, great tool!

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