360-Degree Videos Are Coming To YouTube: Is Your Business Ready?

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You have probably heard the news: YouTube is about to release 360-degree video functionality in the upcoming weeks. Instead of waiting for the launch to evaluate how you will incorporate it in your social media strategy, you can start planning ahead from today.

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Although this whole 360-degree video concept may seem tricky, it is in fact a great way to unleash your creativity and it surely deserves a spot in your strategy. In the following lines you will find ideas on how your business can benefit from this new feature.

Event Management

If you’re hosting or organising an event, 360-degree videos will give a full view of the venue and happenings to your online attendants. From conferences to music concerts, your audience has the chance to immerse into this experience.

Real Estate

360-videos are the perfect solution for virtual tours in properties. Give your prospect buyers or tenants the opportunity to discover your property and offer them a clearer idea of what their future home will look like.

Tourism & Hospitality

Youtube’s new feature can do miracles for this particular industry. Resorts can showcase their facilities and perks offered. Tour operators can show a panoramas of vacation destinations. What’s better than that?


When your favourite team is playing, you may want to feel the vibe of the stadium or catch the important moments and reactions from every possible angle. There’s no reason why sports teams you shouldn’t go ahead and use 360-degree videos.

Science & Museums

Nothing is more exciting than re-enacting important events of the history, science and space offering a 360-view. Think about it.

The possibilities are endless and you should seize them!

Would you use 360-degree videos for your brand? If yes, how? Feel free to share!

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