3 Freemium Twitter Analytics Tools [REVIEW]

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A big part of Digital Marketing is about analytics. That is the upside of digital, you can measure pretty much everything, analyse the data and come up with better ways to achieve your goals.

Facebook and Google both made a reputation out of their analytics tools. Twitter however is still behind when it comes to providing its users with proper data and insight. So many still rely on third-party tools.

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We reviewed the top Freemium Twitter analytics tools that are available on the web. Before we start, keep in mind that the order in which we present them is purely random. Read through the list and make your own mind on which tool may fit your needs best.

1. Twitter Counter


Website: http://twittercounter.com

KPIs (Free version):

  • – Followers
  • – Number of total tweets

KPIs (Premium version)

  • – Mentions
  • – Retweets
  • – Favorites
  • – RTs you made
  • – Favorites you made
  • – Unfollows


  • – Fast
  • – Easy to use
  • – Allows you to compare to your competitors


  • – Very limited Free version

Twitter Counter is a great tool overall to follow on your basic activity. The platform is very easy to use and give you great insight in one look. The graphic interface is great for all your presentation needs. However, you will soon feel the need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

2. Twitonomy


Website: http://www.twitonomy.com/


  • – Total number of tweets
  • – Number of Retweets (+ monthly average)
  • – Number of shared links
  • – Number of hashtags used
  • – Number of Favorites
  • – Daily number of tweets you posted
  • – Number of mentions
  • – Top accounts you retweeted
  • – Top accounts to which you responded
  • – Top accounts you mentioned
  • – Top hashtags you used
  • – Top of your most retweeted tweets
  • – Top of your most favorited tweets
  • – Chronology of all your tweets (Date and Time)
  • – Platforms you use to tweet (and their respective percentages)
  • – Most active followers
  • – Most influential followers
  • – Reach potential


  • – Fast and Complete


  • – Custom dates for reporting are only available in the premium version
  • – Data export is only possible with the premium version
  • – No competitors watch

Twitonomy is one of the most used platform, probably because the information you get from it is so complete. You do not really need the premium version except if you often have to produce monthly reports with custom dates.

3. Tweetchup


Website: http://tweetchup.com


  • – Number of mentions
  • – Daily average of mentions
  • – Number of users mentioning you
  • – Geographical location of mentions
  • – Reach potential
  • – Number of Retweets
  • – Total followers
  • – Lists you have been added to
  • – Average number of tweet per day
  • – Number of mentions in your tweets
  • – Number of links embedded in your tweets
  • – Top of the users you retweet the most
  • – Top of the users you mention the most
  • – Top hashtags you use
  • – Top Retweeted tweets
  • – Top Favorited tweets
  • – Chronology of your tweets (Date and Time)


  • – 100% free
  • – Very fast
  • – Custom date selection


  • – Poor graphic interface
  • –  Free for now…. but for how long?

Tweetchup is a simple but efficient platform, 100% free for now which is not negligible. It will be very efficient to produce benchmarking reports and provides pretty much all the information you need to analyse your Twitter campaigns.

Do you have any other tool that you use? We look forward to hearing from you!

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