3 Billion Views Per Day on Facebook Video

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I bet you’ve all heard the news by now. Facebook is getting really good at video and has already passed YouTube in terms of videos uploaded in at the end of 2014. But some brands are even using Facebook video to test against YouTube. A few months ago we wouldn’t have believed it because YouTube is so huge, but it is actually happening – Facebook is becoming the go-to place for video. In fact, the platform has tripled video views since September 2014.

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Yes, Facebook video is now getting over 3 billion views per day. That’s triple the amount of views since September. These news come as Facebook posted it’s quarterly earnings during a call with investors – Those numbers, however impressive, aren’t good enough to dethrone YouTube, the current “king of video”. They do however make us wonder what the next few months will bring.

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The last time YouTube was anywhere near those views was January 2012 (4 billion views per day) because it currently gets around 12 billion minutes of video viewing per day. Still, Facebook Video is said to grow a lot!

However, it doesn’t look like Facebook‘s goal – at least not yet. Also, it’s unlikely that YouTube will be gone anytime soon. However, video is one of the biggest trends in social media, in 2015 and beyond. Video already provides a more “natural” News Feed and of course lays the foundation for better video advertising tools. We all know that the real goal is money – and the only way Facebook is going to get it, is through advertising. More importantly, it gives people the opportunity to “share how they want”.

So, what do you think? What will 2015 bring for Facebook Video?

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