20 Insights On Reach vs. Engagement From Our #WeRSMChat

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Here we go again! It’s the #WeRSMChat recap! On Sunday we talked with Greg Allum, Sony’s Head of Communities & Social, and we invited readers to discuss Engagement versus Reach. Here’s how things unfolded:

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We first asked you what is the most valuable to your brand. Engagement or Reach?

Greg went on to share an interesting graph about how sales and engagement rates are not correlated – he came prepared!

We then continued the Reach vs. Engagement debate with a tricky question: is Engagement becoming a more important metric since Reach is shrinking?

William argued that targeting is key, while Shae remained firmly in the Engagement camp.

Oh and also, Greg invented your new favourite buzzword – Engaged Reach. You heard it here first.

We often talk about Organic and Paid, but we tend to pitch them against each other – but can they complement each other?

The answer is probably… yes. Mich highlighted that Paid indeed saves a lot of time – Paid also helps boost successful content, making Organic + Paid a successful recipe, according to Tim. Greg explained that Paid can actually save you money, before confessing his mantra:

Engagement can take on many shapes – so which one’s the best? We asked our readers… It depends, said most. But sentiment seemed to predominate.

Greg also shared 4 metrics that define meaningful ROI:

On a side note, Polly said Facebook’s ad peak hasn’t been reached just yet:


For our last question, we asked your opinion on whether organic reach would continue to go down. Overwhelmingly, you said yes. With even a bit of poetry from Will.

Talking about Facebook, Polly also argued that it’ll soon play out as a content library à la YouTube – early reports showed “impressive search figures”, she later said. Before wrapping things up, Greg said he was excited for Twitter this year, as live features should revamp the platform, notably with the recent signing of a partnership with England’s Premier League.

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