20 Do’s and Don’ts on Linkedin [infographic]

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Linkedin is know to be “the” professional networking site, so you will want your image to be correct, constructive and respectful on there. Right now, you may have an active profile but do you really know how good is your etiquette on LinkedIn?

This infographic by Top Dog Social Media will help by pointing out the dos and don’ts!

What You Should Remember:

  • Smart Connect: Always personalize your requests, people will appreciate
  • Profile Picture: Make sure you’ve got a profile picture, a one that truly represents you as a professional
  • Updates: Keep updates professional – do not talk about anything that isn’t relevant to LinkedIn (this is not twitter :P)
  • Endorsements: Like for recommendations, don’t ask new people or people you don’t know – it will not give a good image
  • Groups: Only post content that is relevant and useful to the other members, don’t spam


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