17 Steps to Make Your Next Facebook Contest Explode

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Facebook contests remain the privileged way for many to gain new fans on their Facebook page.  And since 35% of Facebook users claim they join a page in order to participate in some kind of contest later on, they might actually have a point.

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But creating a contest on your Facebook page does not necessarily mean it will be a success. There are many aspects to take into account before you decide what type of contest is best for your page. Thankfully, the good guys at Shortstack looked into this matter and have put together a great infographic on how to make your next Facebook contest explode!

Key Points to Remember

To make sure your next Facebook contest is a success, there are a few points you need to think about before you go ahead:

  • Set goals: promote a specific product or simply get more likes and awareness?
  • – Respect Facebook guidelines and policies
  • – Make sure you choose a contest adapted to your goals and budget
  • – Weight the for and against of Fan gating
  • – Make sure you promote, share and advertise your contest

And no matter what you do, always keep it simple!

Now you can go through the full 17 steps describe in the infographic!

17 Steps to Make Your Next Facebook Contest Explode

Do you have examples of successful Facebook contests you ran or came across to? Share your ideas!

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