15 Must-Read Insights On Live-Streaming From Our Last #WeRSMchat

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On Sunday we hosted yet another #WeRSMChat on Twitter. Following last week’s one on YouTube marketing, this Sunday we tackled one of social media marketing’s hottest topics: Live-streaming. Our guest was Maya Ninel Robert – Mashable UK’s Social Media Editor. She is definitely one of the people you want to turn to for expert advice and tips.

We dare to say that this was the liveliest chat we hosted, with many readers tuning in! If you missed it, read on to catch up!

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Live-streaming is the new shiny feature for many playforms so…

for the first question we were eager to hear what you had to say about the marketing opportunities it offers.

According to our readers, live broadcasts allow marketers to add depth and personality to marketing, and help build trust. Live video also tends to retain users three times as long as normal videos, according to stats by Facebook shared by Maya.

We also asked readers when (or what) should businesses broadcast live? Marketing and content are closely intertwined. Yes, every company can broadcast live, but as Andy puts it, it doesn’t mean that they should. When you plan and strategize your live stream, ask yourself ‘Will it be valuable to the viewers?

Live-streaming offers endless opportunities – yes… but it doesn’t come risk-free. While you only need a few taps to start a live stream, don’t underestimate the preparation leading up to it. By definition, the live nature of the stream will come with a fair bit of uncertainty, and you should expect the unexpected.

However, there are a number of parameters that are in your control and that you must check:

As with many newcomers on the social media marketing scene, it’s fair to ask whether live-streaming is a fad or not. Unanimously, readers answered no. It’s here to stay.

We always round up our chat with a more general question – this time we asked you to look into your crystal ball and predict the future of live videos.

And you guys are quite creative: you talked about 2-way video, AR and VR and even holograms. While only the future will tell whether these will be implemented, one thing is certain: Live-streaming is here to stay and will only get bigger. So as marketers, you better jump on the bandwagon!

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We will have Greg Allum, Sony’s European Head of Social Media & Communities!

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