12 Awesome Twitter Tips To Help You get More Conversions

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With more than 271 million monthly active users, Twitter is a great tool to promote and grow your business. But guess what: tweeting is not enough to hope to get hundreds of sales leads. In fact, only 34% marketers are actually using Twitter successfully to generate leads.

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To really gain ROI from your Twitter marketing, you will need to take it to the next level: write clear sales calls, monitor, adjust, and monitor again. For this, you will have to give your tweets a chance to succeed by crafting copy,  including links,  images and calls-to-actions that really “speak” to your followers.

Not sure where to start? Here are 12 awesome tips to help you:

12 Tips To Get More Conversions From Twitter

  • 1. Alternate between “copy tweets” and “title tweets” to increase CTR
  • 2. Link click account for 92% of interactions on Twitter, don’t forget to add one!
  • 3. Tweets with images receive more favourites, more retweets and more clicks.
  • 4. Tweets that ask for retweets get 12 times more retweets on average.
  • 5. Using actionable words like “download” increase clicks by 13%.
  • 6. Don’t just tweet once: recycled tweets often get as many clicks as the first time.
  • 7. Tweeting about “Twitter” will generate more engagement (self-love?)
  • 8. Don’t get stuck on your number of followers: it matters much less than you think!
  • 9. Scheduling tweets during “off-hours” will help you generate more engagement.
  • 10. More than half of Twitter users expect a response within the hour.
  • 11. Tweets that include statistics (or numbers) tend to get more retweets.
  • 12. Clearly stated offers receive more clicks and more retweets on Twitter.

Now check this awesome infographic from Hubspot:


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