11 Ways to Make Your Video Go Viral on YouTube

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We have all come across heartfelt videos that have made us cry or laugh or warm a little place in our heart. Those videos strike a chord in our mind and soul and we want to spread the feeling derived with our circle. In a matter of days, or even hours, many people feel the same vibration and the video is viewed by thousands and millions of people.

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The introduction of online platforms (and especially YouTube) that host and share our videos has given marketers a whole new field to experiment with audiences and feedback received from their reactions. Apart from the obvious elements that every video must have, that is smart cinematography and original cast, there are some others, that you may take into consideration, in order to make your video go viral and gain recognition – either personal or for the brand you represent.

We have compiled a mix of the 11 essentials spices, with the corresponding examples, so all you have to do is pick the right combination and put it in action!

1. Viral Ads Are Funny

Although universal sense of humour is hard to achieve, as it is mainly based on cultural assumptions, there are some general truths that cause a laugh wave across the planet. Just have a look at the following video. It presents the always present battle of sexes on another level.


2. Viral Ads Are Sexy

Because who can resist a smart and sexy sight? Beautiful women or men, wearing less than enough are always a sure shot to viral-dom. Axe knows that very well and exploits it to the max. Here’s a sample:

3. Viral Ads Are Shocking

Shock factor is something that makes people think twice and reconsider things that they take for granted. VolksWagen knows how to make great ads and, instead of relying to her usual wow elements, it created a beautiful video with a shock value and a humanitarian message. What’s more great than that? The fact that instead of streaming the video through her branded channel, it opted for delivering via the channel of a well known youtube personality (you’ll see why). Another case where brand and people collide with an excellent outcome.


4. Viral Ads Are Unbelievable

What happens when you press a button? Complete chaos. And when that happens in the middle of a square in a very quite town in Belgium? Yeap, you have it right; it’s pretty unbelievable. But it’s not just this one. The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra wanted to attract audience to their spectacles. What’s better than approaching the audience directly as they commute to their work?


5. Viral Ads Are Controversial

Controversy means conversation equals engagement, thus virality. It doesn’t matter if you are for or against the idea presented on your screen. And, just like someone very famous said some decades ago: “don’t care what they write about me as long as they spell my name right“. Correct?


6. Viral Ads Are Gleeky

You don’t have to be a Glee fan to appreciate the uplifting feeling from a good song. You may want to sing along and be part of the video, just like Coca Cola did.

7. Viral Ads Are Illuminating

An ad cannot be made for promotion purposes only, but should also provide useful info about the brand or the organization itself. Newspaper Guardian got this right and apart from creating a memorable ad, it gave insight on how the newspaper works and gained broader awareness.


8. Viral Ads Are Random

There’s nothing more to explain here, just the fact that there are ads that make no particular sense and, because of that charming weirdness, they manage to be carved in our minds. Want some proof? Just click below:

9. Viral Ads Are Cute

Bet on the awwww factor and you’ll surely win a spot in your audience’s heart. Whether it’s cats, puppies, babies or you-name-it, people will always want to revisit their innocent, caring side. Just like this Swedish insurance company which featured fluffy flying cats. Can you think of anything better?

10. Viral Ads Are Uplifting

They will move you and make you cry from joy and they may restore your faith in humanity. There’s nothing better than targeting directly to the heart of your audience and show them your compassionate side. After all, you’re not just in for the profit, but for connecting and provoking positive feedback and discussion about your name. Think about it.


11. Last, But Not Least – Consider A Sequel

One Dollar Shave did a hilarious video to promote their razor blades. The witty storyline and the sense of the sarcasm flooding throughout the ad, along with the stellar performance of ‘Mike’, did not only help expand their current business, but develop more products for the consumers. Have a look and you’ll see what we mean:

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