11 Mesmerizing Social Media Advertising Facts

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Even if you consider yourself a Social Media guru, you might still be surprised with some of the numbers making the world of Social Media Advertising. Our industry is changing so fast, it is literally growing exponentially every time one of us creates a new advertising campaign (or even every time someone posts a cat meme…)

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The following 11 statistics about advertising on Social Media will probably astonish you. We all like to think we know what is happening in our industry, but some of these numbers are simply fascinating.

  • 1 Million: The number of small or medium sized businesses advertising on Facebook
  • 500,000: Total number of Facebook pages promoting posts
  • 2.5 Million: Total number of Facebook promoted posts
  • 59%: Percentage of Facebook‘s revenue that comes from mobile
  • 21.7%: Facebook‘s share of worldwide mobile internet ad revenue in 2014
  • 45%: Percentage of ads in the 2013 Super Bowl that included Twitter hashtags
  • 81%: Percentage of Twitter‘s advertising revenue that came from mobile
  • $200,000: Cost of a 24-Hour Promoted Trend on Twitter
  • $5.6 Billion: Gross revenue that YouTube was expected to generate in 2016
  • $850 Million: Amount of revenue from video advertisements on YouTube served in the United States
  • $100 Million: Estimated about that Samsung spends on Facebook advertising per year, making the creator of the Galaxy phone the largest advertiser on Facebook

My guess is that we are still only at the beginning. New platforms are being created and new marketing techniques are being tested every day. Major platforms like Twitter or Intagram are still looking for the right way for them to let brands advertise on their platforms.

So, yes, it seems like the future of Social Media Advertising is even more fascinating than one could imagine.

These numbers were found on Jeff Bullas’s blog, one of the leading Social Media marketer.

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