10 Myths About YouTubers and How They Can Help Your Brand

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Google recently published the results of a study it carried out to help brands understand more about the YouTube audience and how to best create relevant content for them. And as it came out, YouTubers are “brand evangelists” and a “highly sociable” group, not exactly what you expected right?

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Some marketers have the wrong idea about who is actually spending time to watch and interact video content on YouTube. This YouTube audience study comes to show how regular viewers are actually much more likely to promote and interact with brands than others. Moreover they also seem to be more likely to do so offline!

Key points to remember

  • –  YouTube viewers are twice as likely to go to the cinema or sporting events than non-YouTube viewers, and four times as likely to go to concerts.
  • DIY is the third most popular channel on YouTube, preceded only by music and comedy.
  • – YouTubers are also more willing to pay for content
  • – 50% of YouTubers are aged 35 and above
  • – 50% of them share what they see on YouTube with others

YouTube has become more than a video sharing platform, YouTube is now considered as an indicator of lifestyle and culture, like David Black, director of branding for Google UK, put it:

YouTube is increasingly shaping what matters in content and culture today.

Now check out the infographic designed to present the results from the YouTube audience study:


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